BLS Instructor Course

Our AHA BLS Instructor course prepares you to teach BLS at the highest national standard. BLS Instructor class participants will be versed in AHA regulations and documentation standards, as well as teaching strategy and execution.

Become an American Heart Association Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support Instructor today with Chicago Heart Training's BLS Instructor Course.

BLS Instructor Course Scheduling:

Due to a large number of poorly qualified applicants, Chicago Heart Training is no longer performing AHA Instructor courses for the general public. Instructor courses may be performed on a case-by-case basis for outstanding physician and paramedic candidates. If you feel confident that you can score over 90% on a closed-book provider exam and have an excellent mastery of the BLS algorithms, you may email help(at) to inquire about an Instructor course (please attach either your paramedic or medical license, along with a badge from your current hospital or EMS employer).

Training Centers have complete discretion as to who they permit to become Instructors. Instructor candidates permitted to take a Chicago Heart Training Instructor course are not guaranteed to attain Instructor Status if found to be deficient in any key Instructional areas, as outlined by AHA.