So What’s the Difference Between BLS Skills Sessions and BLS Full Classes? And which do I choose???

The AHA BLS full, in-person class is simply that - the traditional class. It takes 2.5 hours, with a mix of video-based learning and skills practice. Class ends with a 25-question written exam and skills testing.

Skills sessions are for students who have already completed AHA BLS HeartCode at AHA’s online class website - This is a “blended” option, where you do a full online course first, followed by a one-hour skills practice and testing session in person (the "skills session").

This is my first time doing BLS. Which option should I choose?

Full, in-person BLS. Simple as that.

I’ve been a super-duper RN/MD/EMT-P for years and have done BLS several times. Which option should I choose?

92% of students who have tried both say they prefer our in-person class over the online HeartCode, but if you need to break up your BLS into smaller segments due to a busy schedule, this may be a better option for you. Just remember - it will not take less time than the full, in-person BLS.

Which option is more expensive?

HeartCode with skills session is more expensive ($29 + $39 = $68, versus the $47 price for AHA BLS full, in-person).

How do I sign up and pay for the HeartCode and Skills Session?

To purchase the online HeartCode module and Skills Session together, purchase our BLS HeartCode Gold, which also includes unlimited free rescheduling for your Skills Session.

If you've already purchased the online BLS HeartCode module separately, you can pay for a Skills Session with us at the bottom of our Chicago BLS course page.

How do I sign up and pay for the full, in-person BLS course?

Just go to our Chicago BLS course page and select the date and location you desire.

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